Mr J Promotes Christian Values in New Video

I'm A Virgin

Dancehall artist Mr J, whose real name is Gesner Dalmon, is at it again with his brand new video “I’m A Virgin.”




The video for the latest single release, now available on Cdbaby, might strike some as a bold move for a dancehall artiste but Mr J, based in the Bahamas, is also a devout Christian and wants to promote his values through his music. Mr J supports positivity, righteousness and has a clear no-violence stance as he is very concerned with the murder rates and crime, especially in the Caribbean region. For “I’m A Virgin,” which was produced by Christin “Spirit” Taylor, he takes a step few have taken before in dancehall by promoting abstinence until marriage and by speaking out about his own virginity.

The video was inspired and encouraged by an interview of Mr J with his friend and fellow artiste Omar Lewis from Jamaica. The lyrics of “I’m A Virgin” where then translated into a video concept by Bahamian artiste and producer Julio Hall aka S’Voyce of Sagini Records who recently added video director to his credentials. Shot in Nassau, the Bahamas the video follows Mr J and his girlfriend from teenage years until adulthood. The girlfriend pursues Mr J for years but he remains faithful to his conviction of no sex until marriage. In the end, he proposes to her and they get married.

Says Mr J, :“ I want to encourage all of God’s children who are virgins to remain a virgin until you are married. Those of you who have already committed the ultimate and those who are committing the ultimate, God wants you to stop until you are married. He commands this of us in 1st Thessalonians chpt 4:3 which is found in the holy Bible. Please go and read it for yourself to gain understanding. People assume that I’m lying, but I am a virgin because of my faith. When I was fourteen, I made a promise to God that I would remain pure until I consummated my marriage. Don’t believe for one minute that it is easy because when you combine women who catch your attention with friends constantly joking and pressuring you, you can fall in. One thing I’ve learned about guys, especially teenagers, is those who talk about getting it most are the ones who get it least or have yet to get it at all. I try to live my life as close as possible to the examples given in the Bible and the principles of God is why I am abstinent.”

You can check out Mr J’s music and videos on his youtube channel and connect with him on Facebook: MrJ Bahamas



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