The Michael Margulies Artist Agency Presents “The Valdeziacs” a solo exhibition by Kiki Valdes

The Valdeziacs flyerThe Michael Margulies Artist Agency is proud to present “The Valdeziacs” a solo exhibition featuring new works by painter Kiki Valdes. “The Valdeziacs” is the culmination of Valdes’ most recent works.


Many of the current paintings move into a new direction for the artist. Cartoon characters provide the first entry point to Valdes’ complex explorations of shapes, abstractions and figurative cartoon imagery. He paints the excited, cryptic images of bubbly faces and toon masks to convey a feeling of childhood nostalgia as a visual tactic to address space and form.

Valdes sees the cartoon imagery as a way to communicate and connect with a wider audience by conjuring memories. Cartoons have seeped into our consciousness since childhood and the artist uses those recognizable images and memories as a prop for questions about painting and our obsession with the familiar.

The new works in “The Valdeziacs,” the title itself a nod to popular cartoons and childhood, explore expressionism. Valdes turns various characteristics of known cartoon figures into a complete abstraction. Certain qualities like curves, exaggerated eyes and big mouth emphasize the duality of his compositions and create a battle between the familiar graphic figuration and what is familiar in painting. Valdes creates a place where darkness and light meet as he merges both and juxtaposes emotions to open a dialogue and leave space for interpretation.


“The Valdeziacs” opening reception will be held on Saturday, April 27th 2013. The exhibit will run through Friday, May 10th at 101/ Exhibit, 101 NE 40th St, Miami, FL 33137

Opening Reception: Saturday April 27th 7-10pm

Closing Reception: Friday May 10th 7-10pm

The Michael Margulies Artist Agency specializes in the representation and marketing of contemporary artists and artist estates. Via collaborations with galleries, art fairs, museums, and other art institutions the agency presents and promotes the utmost awareness of its art catalog while operating with an unconventional business model.

For more information please visit or call 305.972.8962.

Heike Dempster



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