Summerjam 2013 Update

Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion @ The Hoxton

Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion @ The Hoxton (Photo credit: thecomeupshow)


Free from self-imposed restrictions, cosmopolitan and varied – all following this year’s festival theme “FREE YOUR MIND”, the Summerjam Festival 2013 shows musically diverse than ever. For what arriving for those from around the world, visitors apply for the festival program also includes:

Genre barriers have long been no more justification, of importance is only the value and the quality of the Samaritans. Thus, the 28 Summerjam Festival, which from 05 to 07 July takes place at cherished spot on the Regattainsel on Fühlinger lake near Cologne, not dominated by any one style of music, but also presents itself rather than motley spectacle, held in the reggae, dancehall, hip hop and world music on equal footing. Accordingly, the festival not only visitors from many nations, but also artists, which can be any of their inspiration from anything or anyone united.
A good example of this is just one of the headliners of the festival represents, who in 2013 invented ado musically new: SNOOP LION. As Snoop Dogg for many years one of the greats of U.S. rap, one of the leading figures of the genre since its 1993 published debut “Doggystyle”, the multi-talented published in spring 2013 with “Reincarnated” his first reggae album – result of an extended stay in Jamaica and the confrontation with the local music scene. Among the musical commuters of 28 Summerjam Festival are but undoubtedly also artists like the U.S. musician Matisyahu with its unique blend of reggae and hip hop, the New Zealanders Fat Freddys Drop or the DJ Project MAJOR LAZER count, which not only Snoop Lion assisted in the production of his latest album, but also that knows no fear when it comes to combine hip-hop and reggae with pop, punk and hard rock into something Bathroom Private.
Home to the appearance on Fühlinger lake is once again for Germany’s most successful reggae export GENTLEMAN, who is celebrating chart success with his latest album. Roots Reggae-oriented – – Album imagine for PATRICE who also enjoys the highest European-wide reputation, his new will.
That even dancehall lovers get their money, BUSY SIGNAL & HIGH VOLTAGE, Popcaan or provide OFIAMT * RANX from France and many more. As always, there are the latest tunes from the leading sound system crews Night program in the dancehall arena.
Strong but also the hip-hop group is represented, with particularly numerous German-speaking artists enrich this year’s program, including BLUMENTOPF, SAM, CHIMA or Dendemann. The flagship in terms of world music, however, include the Ghanaian ROCKY Dawuni or EES, Namibians of German origin.
But not only stylistically, the Summerjam Festival 2013 proves open to many ideas, but shows up with the mix of international stars, established acts and newcomers hopeful as ever new, interested and open to young artists and new discoveries





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