Zayne Prepares to Take the Summer by Storm

Dancehall artist Zayne is ready to take the summer by storm with at least eight new singles ready to be released over the course of the next four months. Also in the pipeline is an upcoming video shoot, a trip to his native Jamaica and a new mixtape to hit the streets in September.

Zayne’s latest singles, “Dutty Badmind” and “Ghetto Youth” with fellow Jamaican dancehall artist 3Star, have been heating up international airwaves and dances. Zayne was introduced to 3Star by his friend, sound engineer Redboom at Fenz For Real Production. They both were in the studio when producer Anthony of Anthony Records played the riddim so they hit the recording booth and “the rest is history,” says Zayne.

“Dutty Badmind” and “Ghetto Youth” showcase more of the young artist’s conscious side. He likes to strike a balance between consciousness and party tunes. Says Zayne, “People like an artist who is versatile and who can mix it up at times from girl song to party song to reality song. No matter what type of song though, I try and keep it positive all the time.”

Zayne is going to show his range this summer with his upcoming releases “Party in JA pt 2,” “Watch Over Me,” “Suh We Party,” “Wah Fi Know” and “Gal Dem Wah.” Fans can expect a mix of party tunes ready for summertime plus some more meditative, thoughtful and socially conscious songs.

“Party in JA pt 2” is a sequel to Zayne’s popular party hit from 2012. The artist decided to follow up with the same vibe and diversity to give listeners a party song that is a little different and unexpected. The video shoot for the song is being scheduled for this summer in a still secret location in Jamaica but one thing Zayne promises from now: “We are going all out on this one!”

“Watch Over Me” was inspired by the same incidence as “Dutty Badmind.” Zayne shares the story, “I had a friend and I poured my heart into helping him through his struggles. In return, behind my back, he wished me bad luck and tried to make me fail when I thought he had my best interest at heart. I was wrong about that.”

Zayne writes lyrics everyone can relate to, whether in Jamaica or around the world. Based in Florida, Zayne plans to spend a part of the summer in Jamaica to connect with family, friends and fans and to put in some serious studio time. The artist will be recording, promoting his new music and shoot his next video before returning to Florida to add the final touches to his mixtape, scheduled to be released in September 2013. The mixtape, entitled “Watch Over Me,” will feature 18 to 20 songs, including a few surprise tracks, and will be mixed by DJ Kenny.

Heike Dempster

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