Philadelphia native Reggae/Hip-Hop Artist, Travis Johnson, best known as TeFF, has found a new niche in his gigantic range of ability. It is no secret that TeFF is an extraordinary artist and his versatility makes him stand out above the norm. His voice makes him almost superhuman-like, with the capability of many genres.

This is why TeFF has now tried his hands at a genre so far out of his comfort zone and recorded the track “Carnival Road.” As the name suggests, TeFF stepped out of his usual Reggae/Hip-Hop lane and went down the Soca route. Produced by Penn, Ace758 and TuchPoint Productions this year, TeFF created this Soca track for the 2013 Carnival season, which is popular among several Caribbean islands.

A buzz has already been building around “Carnival Road” with TeFF receiving several invitations to perform the song at various carnival events in and out of Jamaica. His most recent performance at the popular 2013 Brit-Jam Festival in Montego Bay, Jamaica, held annually in March saw him getting a favorable response from the crowd for “Carnival Road”. In the video, it is evident that the Carnival patrons really enjoyed the energy of TeFF’s “Carnival Road” track.

Many top Dancehall and Reggae acts have traveled the Soca road before with many hits coming from unusual sources. TeFF is no different. “Carnival Road” is a very up-tempo track that is sure to keep any listener moving from the first beat of the song until the very end. This is a sure hit and will please any fan of Soca music.

TeFF’s team, consisting of his Producer at TuchPoint Productions and Public Relations Officer, Lesley Hayles at LesleyOdyssey Entertainment, are striving to make TeFF an international success. With “Carnival Road”, TeFF is certainly on the right path to attain his goal of unbridled achievement.

VIDEO LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNvRyXmXFqs

Check out his YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/tefftv.




Source – Lesley Hayles

LesleyOdyssey Entertainment Services


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